The heart of the most important energy technology centre in the Nordic Countries - Vaasa - will be the venue for the international event Vaasa EnergyWeek, held from 19th to 22nd March 2012. The occasion combines three events from the energy industry that have already become something of a tradition. Concentrating the national Energy and Environment Seminar, the Vaasa Wind Exchange forum and the international Renewable Efficient Energy II conference all on the same week brings a synergy for both visitors and organisers of the Vaasa EnergyWeek.

  • "Several regional, national and international events aimed at experts in the energy industry are organised in Vaasa every year, and despite their differences, they interest many of the same operators," says Robert Olander, the Marketing Director of Technology Centre Merinova and the representative of EnergyVaasa.
  • "Our target in combining these three popular events is to increase their media reach and strengthen Vaasa's visibility as the flagship of the energy sector in Finland. Vaasa EnergyWeek will bring more than 1,000 experts in the field to the area, which will definitely make it the hub of energy issues for that week."  


19 March 2012, Energy and Environment Seminar

The national Energy and Environment Seminar kicks off this energetic week. Organised annually since 2005, the seminar this year will focus on the issues of energy efficiency from the environmental point of view and offer a fascinating opening for researchers, business representatives and political decision-makers. Traditionally, decision-makers both at national and EU level have held lectures at the seminar and this year is no exception. In addition to Anette Rothberg from the EU Commission's Directorate-General for Energy, the seminar boasts speakers such as the Finnish Minister of the Environment, Ville Niinistö, and the Director-General of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy's Energy Department, Esa Härmälä.


20 March 2012, Vaasa Wind Exchange

Last year, Vaasa Wind Exchange drummed up more than 50 exhibitors and over 600 visitors and its popularity seems to continue. The exhibitors in this networking event include companies operating within the wind power sector, as well as municipalities and authorities, which is sure to create exciting discussions about issues concerning zoning and licence practices, business opportunities and wind power construction.


From 21 to 22 March 2012, Renewable Efficient Energy II Conference (REE II)

This international conference will deal with issues such as the various alternatives for renewable energy, distributed energy production and energy self-sufficiency. The subjects will be examined from the point of view of a sustainable and more efficient energy supply than ever. The topics will be discussed by such eminent specialists as Dr Alagappan Narayanan from India (specialism: bioenergy and biofuels) and Dr László Dinya from Hungary (specialism: regional energy self-sufficiency).


In addition to the three main events, Vaasa EnergyWeek offers supplementary programmes linked to the theme. Olander invites participants to take part in the various interesting evening events and company visits that are on offer, as they will help them to network.

For more Information go to www.energyweek.fi or contact robert.olander@merinova.fi, tel: +358 40 743 4647

More than 1,000 experts from the energy industry will get together during the Vaasa EnergyWeek taking place between 19th and 22nd March 2012 in Vaasa. The Vaasa region is the home of EnergyVaasa, the most important centre of energy technology in the Nordic Countries. EnergyVaasa is organising the event in cooperation with its partners Pohjanmaan Expo, the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Technology Centre Oy Merinova Ab, Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI), Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia. The main sponsors of the EnergyWeek are ABB, Wärtsilä and EPV Energy Ltd.